"It's unwise to pay too much, but it's worse to pay too little. When you pay too much, you lose a little money - that's all. When you pay too little, you sometimes lose everything, because the thing you bought was incapable of doing the thing it was bought to do. The common law of business balance prohibits paying a little and getting a lot - it can't be done. If you deal with the lowest bidder, it is well to add something for the risk you run, and if you do that you will have enough to pay for something better." -  John Ruskin 1819-1900

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Week 197: CSL Passing thru Downtown San Francisco

Week 196: Maiden Voyage for the Nord Madeira to Anacortes

Week 195: Overseas Martinez and the Tug Bob Franco

Week 194: Houston Branch Holiday Party!

Week 193: MV Sopot on her Maiden Voyage

Week 192: Dockwise White Marlin Anchored at the Port of Philadelphia

Week 191: Working with the Koch Fertilizer Group


Week 189: Cape Intrepid Returning to Tacoma Washington

Week 188: Sunrise on the Mississippi

Week 187: September Photos From Alaska

Week 186: Florida departing Seaport Sound Terminal in Tacoma, WA

Week 185: The Early Days of General Steamship

Week 184: The GB PACIFIC in Kodiak, Alaska

Week 183: ARAON Arriving To Dutch Harbor

Week 182: Yacht Loading in Anacortes

Week 181: Atlantic Pisces

Week 180: The Viking Orion

Week 179: Crane Damage in California

Week 178: AMERICAN FREEDOM Approaching Nikiski at 2300

Week 177: Aniek - recovered submarine cable

Week 175: Divinegate Maiden Voyage

Week 174: Royal Princess

Week 173: ASBA member reception NOLA 2019


Week 171: Mv Maple Opal - Davant Anchorage, Louisiana

Week 170: Vessel Activities in Dutch Harbor, AK

Week 169: Unlikely Stowaway Aboard the American Endurance

Week 168: 100 Years

Week 167: Big old Bird

Week 166: Frozen Oosik Oyster Shucking

Week 163: Ship photos from Alaska

Week 162: Iwagi Island - Maiden voyage

Week 161: Jim Lee Retires

Week 159: Houston office enjoying the Harbor Offshore Christmas Party at Top Golf!

Week 158: Happy Holidays to American Endurance

Week 157: MV Da Sheng

Week 156: Merry Christmas Empire State!

Week 155: 2018 Philadelphia Marathon

Week 154: California Fires

Week 153: Harley Marine Services Ladies Day on the Bay

Week 152: Cape Island and Cape Intrepid in Tacoma

Week 151: Andeavor Golf Charity Tournament, San Antonio, Texas

Week 150: Parma Baseball

Week 149: American Freedom at Point Wells

Week 148: Del Monte vessel Star Care at Port Hueneme

Week 147: On board the vessel Daranee Naree

Week 146: Pic of Grain Barge through the Columbia Gorge


Week 144: M/V X-PRESS MACHU PICCHU At Houston

Week 143: Double rainbow spotted outside the Houston office

Week 142: NEWS RELEASE - M/V Interlink Amenity calls the Port of Vancouver USA on her maiden voyage

Week 141: Photos of CSL Vessels in San Francisco

Week 140: Hon Henry Jackman arriving to RCH22 with Starlight tug boat assisting

Week 139: Award Luncheon at the Port of New Orleans

Week 138: M/V Hanyang (SWIRE)

Week 137: Dutch Harbor, Alaska. March 2018

Week 136: Hail Storm at the Port of Sacramento

Week 135: Gift baskets for the empire state

Week 134: Andeavor Holiday Gift Baskest Delivered

Week 133: Joseph Tabisola Rocking The Holidays in Lynnwood

Week 132: Marine Vessel Red Daisy

Week 131: Russ Lyzell Hunting in Germany

Week 130: M/V Melinda - FGIS hold inspections for 54k MT wheat to S.Korea.

Week 129: HOS Red Dawn at Portland, OR

Week 128: Ocean Jazz Military Cargo Offload in Anchorage

Week 127: On board the New Century 2, discharging Toyotas in Benicia, CA. Oct. 19, 2017

Week 126: Captain Robin Lindsay

Week 125: Starlight Marine - Pics from this years Women in the Industry

Week 124: Shifting with the Overseas Martinez from BP Cherry Point to Andeavor Anacortes on October 3, 2017

Week 123: Kick off for the fall season in Santa Barbara with the Zaandam

Week 122: Andeavor Golf Event

Week 121: Methanol Tanker at Port of Anchorage

Week 120: Beautiful photo of the Noordam leaving Seward during a downpour on September 3rd, 2017

Week 119: Orient Arrow - Maiden Voyage

Week 118: Agents Day Out

Week 117: Lunch with Toko Line

Week 116: Photos of High Progress

Week 114: Norwegian Sun and Seabourn Sojourn in Seward Alaska

Week 113: Overseas Nikiski: Last moments on the West Coast

Week 112: Robin Wind berthing at Levin Richmond Terminal

Week 111: Loading Coal in Richmond

Week 110: Some Photos from CSL Americas in San Francisco

Week 109: Some Babies Talk E-trade. I Talk SEA-Trade.

Week 108: Safety First!

Week 107: Glenn Avilez Retires from New Orleans Office

Week 106: Fiber optic cable loading for Alcatel submarine networks to be installed in Alaska later this year.

Week 105: New Orleans team visits Baton Rouge office

Week 104: ALP Striker 18,500 HP Tug Boat

Week 103: EVERGREEN STATE calling at the Tesoro Refinery KPL dock in Nikiski, AK

Week 102: Petcoke loading in Anacortes

Week 101: One of the largest vessels we have had in the river. Cape - “Chevrier”

Week 100: Ice Flushing in Anchorage

Week 99: Getting ready to board a vessel

Week 98: Tesoro Holiday Gift Baskets Delivered

Week 97: M/V Imme Oldendorff Loading Bulk Corn at EGT. Longview, WA

Week 96: Here is the NORD INNOVATION at the Port of Anchorage discharging jet fuel

Week 95: Coast Guard Assists Disabled Cargo Vessel in Gulf of Alaska

Week 94: Cable transfer operations at APM Terminal in Tacoma

Week 93: Federal Iris arrives in Vancouver

Week 92: U.S. Coast Guard Dogs Gear Up

Week 91: Clowning Around in Dutch

Week 90: Pan Ocean HLV Sun Rise in Nome, Alaska

Week 89: The SPRING R, the first NYK vessel to load containers out of Dutch Harbor

Week 88: The PROFESSOR MULTANOVSKIY in Anchorage Alaska

Week 87: The 50 Year Saga of the Noble Discoverer

Week 86: Prime Express Discharging Jet A-1 Fuel in Anchorage, Alaska

Week 85: Tesoro Holiday Gift Basked Delivery

Week 84: Foss Maritime Aerial of Blue Marlin and Noble Discoverer

Week 83: USNS Montford Point - Ocean Shipholdings Inc. (OSI)

Week 82: C.S. Olive Loading Usibelli coal in Seward, AK

Week 81: Vancouver Oil Terminal Acitivity - Port of Vancouver, WA

Week 80: MV Frauke loading a Catamaran

Week 79: Black Eagle MV loading cargo at Port of Anchorage

Week 78: A Look Back at General Steamship, 1950

Week 77: The Noble Discoverer Departing Dutch Harbor Alaska

Week 76: Polar Pioneer Departing for the Chukchi Sea!!!

Week 75: Tornado in Davant, Lousiana!!!

Week 74: Polar Pioneer Arrives in Seattle

Week 73: Overseas Boston - Alyeska Valdez Marine Terminal

Week 72: Maiden Voyage of the African Rook

Week 71: Russ Lyzell in Singapore.

Week 70: Happy Holidays From General Steamship!

Week 69: Hansa Heavy Lift "HHL" Mississippi

Week 68: 2014 Maiden Voyage M/V Pacific Spike, Portland, Oregon

Week 67: 2014 Tesoro Charity Golf Tournament, San Antonio, Texas

Week 66: Harbour Kristin in port at Dutch Harbor, Alaska

Week 65: Coast Guard Rescues Man from Research Vessel, Barrow Alaska

Week 64: Fouled Anchor in SF Bay at Anchorage 9

Week 63: Mother Canada Goose with Goslings outside Temco LLC Elevator

Week 62: United States Navy's USS Independence

Week 61: United States Navy's USS Independence

Week 60: The "EIT Paloma" Unloading Nomads at the Port of Valdez

Week 59: The "Splendeuer" Discharging Steel Coils in Pittsburg California

Week 58: Viewing Mt. St Helens from the Columbia River

Week 57: Congratulations to Cara and Mike Champlain!

Week 56: Military Care Packages

Week 55: Helix Producer I DP2 Monohull - Mobile, Alabama

Week 54: Completion of the Shell "Olympus Hull" - Corpus Christi, Texas

Week 53: The "Maersk Misumi" in Anchorage, Alaska

Week 52: The "RV Falkor" Operated by the Schmidt Ocean Institute

Week 51: Remote Alaskan Lighthouse Improvisation Week 51: Remote Alaskan Lighthouse Improvisation

Week 50: Kirby Offhsore Marine, Brownsville Texas Week 50: Kirby Offhsore Marine "DBL 105", Brownsville Texas

Panoramic View of Port Angeles Washington Week 49: Panoramic View of Port Angeles Washington

Maiden Voyage Plaque Week 48: Maiden Voyage Plaque Presented to Captain Tomasz Owsinski

Maiden Voyage Plaque Week 47: Maiden Voyage Plaque Presented to Captain Tomasz Owsinski

MV Balto Informal Maiden Voyage Week 46: MV Balto Informal Maiden Voyage [San Francisco Bay]

USNS Montford Point Week 45: Delivery of the USNS Montford Point [San Diego / Nassco Shipyard]

Aerial View of the Balto Week 44: Aerial View of the Balto [San Francisco Bay]

Tensions in North Korea Week 43: Tensions in North Korea

Loading Iron Scrap in the Port of Long Beach Week 42: Loading Iron Scrap - Long Beach, California

Heavy Lift Ship Xiang Yun Kou transporting the Noble Discoverer Week 41: "Xiang Yun Kou" Transporting the "NOBLE DISCOVERER" - Seward, Alaska

John R. Page with Charles de Bretteville Week 40: A Look Back!! - Don Marcks Guidelines - May 4, 1965

Blue Marlin Week 39: Blue Marlin Transporting "Mars B Olympus" [Ingleside, Texas]

Week 38: Photo of the Week: Nissos Kythnos [Port of Los Angeles, CA]

Week 37: "Fairmont Summit" towing "Tamar" - Ingleside, Texas

Week 36: Nome at 30 Degrees - Vessels Geo Artic and Polar Prince

Week 35: Unloading Proppants - Port of Olympia

Week 34: Tesoro Holiday Gift Baskets, Berth 84A - Long Beach California

Week 33: Securing Logs on the Ranunculus - Hoonah, Alaska

Week 32: Maiden Voyage of the "RT HON PAUL E MARTIN" - Northern California

Week 31: General Steamship Southern California Office - Signal Hill, California

Week 30: A Look Back!! - Barge Delivery to Los Angeles - September 8, 1947

Week 29: A Look Back!! - Bohemian Club Dinner Honoring H.S. Scott - July 8, 1955

Week 28: A Look Back!! - M/S Hardanger on her initial Voyage - July 15, 1954

Week 27: M/V "Dry Beam" in Distress

Week 26: BBC Marmara Preparing to Offload Beams [Salcha, Alaska]

Week 25: Maiden Voyage of the "Rt. Hon. Paul E. Martin" [Sechelt, B.C.]

Week 24: "Ever Envoy" alongside OKL 35/37 loading terminal [Oakland, California]

Week 23: A Look Back!! - Flag Raising in Long Beach - February 5, 1948

Week 22: A Look Back!! - M/S Don Aurelio - April 20, 1948 [Port of Los Angeles, CA]

Week 21: A Look Back!! - M/V La Baule, April 28, 1951 [Port of Los Angeles, CA]

Week 20: Tesoro Charity Golf Event [San Antonio, Texas]

Week 19: "Kang Sheng Kou" with "Endeavor, Spirit of Independence" [Homer, Alaska]

Week 18: BBC Delaware Loading Liebherr Crane for Delivery [Stockton, California]

Week 17: Changing out Radome on "Radiance of the Seas" [Seward, Alaska]

Week 16: Lombok Straight loading at Gloucester Terminals [Delaware River]

Week 15: LNG Gemini and Overseas Nikiski - Kenai, Alaska

Week 14: M/V Gitta Oldendorff - Windmill Towers [Houston, Texas]

Week 13: M/V Star Java loading wood pellets at Fibreco Terminal

Week 12: Semi-Submersible MV Treasure at Corpus Christi

Week 11: Aerial Photo of Seward Alaska Port Servicing 3 Vessels

Week 10: Russell v Lyzell - Navigating Wind Power

Week 9: Space Shuttle Trainer Arrives in Houston NASA Space Center

Week 8: STX Pan Ocean visits Seattle Washington

Week 7: Canadian Timber Cargo

Week 6: Seattle Grain Hold Inspection

Week 5: Corpus Tug

Week 4: Susan K., Seward Alaska

Week 3: Evergreen State in Women's Bay, Kodiak Alaska

Week 2: Golden Seas towed by the Tor Viking II near Dutch Harbor, Alaska

Week 1: West Shore Terminals, Berth No. 1 [Vancouver, BC]